Application for Nilos

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Application for Nilos

Postby Nilos » Sun Oct 30, 2016 10:56 am

==Character Profile==
Character Name: Nilos
Character Class:Death Knight
Character Race: Worgen
WoW Armory link: ... los/simple

==Role-playing Profile==
Describe your character's in-game background in four paragraphs or less:
Nilos is a former servant of the Lich King and brought to undeath, who was taken from the Grizzly Hills and his other master Arugal. After breaking free from the Lich Kings controll Nilos has walked across the world of Azeroth, and beyond ti help aid those in need finding that his curse of the worg grants him power and speed he would have never had as a human. Nilos dose not remember much of his life with Arggal or before but every moment as a captive of the lich king has been ingrained in his mind for the years to come, he is humbled by this experience and wants to better himself for it.

Describe your character's personality in four paragraphs or less:
Nilos is noble, and honor bound he will always try to do the right thing and help those in need especially allies that have proven themselves to him. He is distasteful towards reckless, and pointless pain. He tend to be quiet and mindful of his peers and surroundings and will only speak when spoken to unless angered to the point where the last bits of the worg in his mind take over. Nilos is also very low on humself due to being a worgen and a death knight on top of it and would always want to stay in his human form even though he knows what he is.

If not already answered, why might your character wish to join a guild like Invictus Sanctum?

==Raiding Profile==
Are you interested in raiding at Level 100? I would be interested to raid at max level raids with other guild mates.
If Yes, please add the following details:

- What is your preferred role (tanking, DPS, or healing)?
I prefer to play blood spec, but do not have a lot of practice in tanking, and would like to dps if able.
- What prior raid experience (if any) do you have?
I have done some healing in a old guild with my druid, back in wolk. But that would be about it.

==Personal Profile==
Tell us a little about yourself. (NOTE: Personal information such as name, location, etc are completely your choice! We just want to know a little about you as a person.)

What are you looking for in the guild Invictus Sanctum?
I am looking to learn how to role play, and to be in a family in the World of Warcraft.

Who, if anyone (including the Looking For Guild tool), referred you to Invictus Sanctum?
The Guildmaster invited me to join.

*** Do you have a Blizzard Authenticator?
Yes I do.

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Re: Application for Nilos

Postby Demiri » Mon Oct 31, 2016 10:04 am

Looks pretty good. If you're wanting to learn how to RP, though, a good first step is coming up with why your character is interested in joining Invictus Sanctum!
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